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'Thank you for another great year together!  Your guidance and insight has helped my piano playing and musical knowledge immensely and I am very thankful for that.'

                                --Jayce F.

'Thank you for teaching me piano.  I love the songs you teach me.  Thank you for being a Perfect Piano teacher.'

                             --Boston and Hadley B.

'Thank you so much for your kindness, talent, and patience in teaching!'

                             --Shauna R.

Thank you for being a positive influence in her life for the past several years.  And for teaching her piano at the same time!  We are lucky to have found you to grow that love of music in her, so that she will always have it in her life.  We also appreciate the love and support you have offered her over the years.  The positive effect you have had on her will last her lifetime.  Thank you!

                            --Karen B.

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